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gamberi rossi di gallipoli

The fish has always been one of the most popular specialties of Italian cuisine.
Our chef is able to create a unforgettable dishes.


Our restaurant is a "temple of seafood specialties".
The strength of our restaurant is its ability to source the best fresh fish every day offering a wide selection of raw and curly.

Our pasta is made with flour "Senator Cappelli" and we use exclusively extra virgin olive oil of our production.

We offer in particular:


  •      The starters "Marinades Delights" or "Al Solito Posto"
  •      Shellfish Shrimp Ravioli in purple (main course)
  •      Salad of octopus (starter)
  •      Cavatelli chickpea ragout sea.(main course)
  •      Orecchiette with cime di rape and seafood (second course)
  •      Strascinate burnt wheat with turnip greens and seafood (main Course)

and much more...